Getting Started

Official Aftermath Finance TypeScript SDK for Sui


npm i aftermath-ts-sdk


Create an instance of Aftermath for ease of use to make calls to our server, or create an instance of Aftermath API for finer control of transaction construction.

Aftermath SDK

1. Create Aftermath provider

const afSdk = new Aftermath("MAINNET"); // "MAINNET" | "TESTNET" | "DEVNET"
await afSdk.init(); // initialize provider

2. Create protocol provider

const router = afSdk.Router();

const pools = afSdk.Pools();

const staking = afSdk.Staking();

const farms = afSdk.Farms();

Aftermath API

1. Create Aftermath API provider

const fullnodeEndpoint = "";
const addresses = {...};

const afApi = new AftermathApi(
    new SuiClient({
        transport: new SuiHTTPTransport({
            url: fullnodeEndpoint,
    new IndexerCaller("MAINNET"), // "MAINNET" | "TESTNET" | "DEVNET"

2. Create new protocol provider

const poolsApi = afApi.Pools();

const stakinApi = afApi.Staking();

const farmsApi = afApi.Farms();

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