Navigating Aftermath

Where to find our various products and view all of your balances

When you first land on the Aftermath.Finance homepage, you will see two buttons which will take you directly to our most commonly used features: our Smart-Order Router for performing swaps, and our Liquid Staking Derivitive, afSUI. At the top of the landing page are links to our discord, twitter, and to our dApp.

Once you have launched our dApp, you will see a menu bar at the very top of the screen which allows you to quickly navigate between our various products and functionalities. We will go through them one by one, from left to right:


Clicking the Trade button brings you to our Smart-Order Router (SOR), which allows you to swap between any two assets. The SOR is a DEX Aggregator, which connects to all of the top liquidity sources on Sui. Further, it is able to discover sophisticated paths which route through multiple DEXes, and can even split orders up so a portion goes through one route, and other portions go through other routes. All of this ensures that you will recieve the best return on your trades, without having to search multiple different exchanges manually. The SOR does it for you. For more information, see the Trade section of the documents.

Stake SUI

Navigating to the Stake SUI page allows you to mint our Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD), afSUI. With native SUI staking, you earn rewards in return for securing the Sui network, but your SUI tokens remain locked in your wallet and can not be used for any other purpose across DeFi. With afSUI, you can earn the same staking rewards while also being issued a liquid token which can be used for a multitude of other purposes. See the Liquid Staking section of the documents for more information about afSUI.


If you hover over the Earn button, you will see a dropdown menu with links to our Pools and Farms pages. Pools are where you can become a Liquidity Provider (LP) on Aftermath, and earn fees from trading activity on our AMM. Farms allow you to take the LP token you recieve from depositing in a pool, and earn additional rewards by staking it. For more information, see the Pools and Farms sections of the documentation.


Aftermath offers a variety of products, and the Porfolio page is where you can track all of your assets in one place. Whether you are an LP, are staked into a Farm, have minted afSUI, or want to see your activity on Aftermath, it is all displayed in your Portfolio. For more information, navigate to the Viewing your Portfolio section of the documents.


Aftermath makes it simple to transfer your assets on other blockchains such as Ethereum or Solana by providing links to the bridges which currently support the Sui network. See the Bridge page of the documents for instructions if you are unfamiliar with this process.


The next button on the menu bar is where you interact with your wallet. If you have not yet connected your wallet, it will display "Connect Wallet." If you are already connected, you will see the Sui address of the wallet you are currently using. For more information, see the Interacting with your Wallet section of the documents.


In order to offer the best experience for our users, Aftermath is highly customizable to your preferences. Parameters such as which coin to use as gas, light or dark mode, and the layout of the screen can all be modified here. See the Changing your Settings page for more information.

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