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Constant Function Market Maker

Unlike all other AMMs on SUI, which only allow pools of two assets, Aftermath offers a Constant Function Market Maker with up to 8 assets per pool. Why does this matter? For a nascent ecosystem like Sui, most liquidity will arrive via bridge.
Unfortunately, assets which arrive from different chains and/or different bridges, are not fungible. This means if you bridge a coin like ETH from Arbitrum, you can not trade it in a pool which consists of the same coin but was bridged from Solana. Or which arrived via a different bridge.
Our answer to this problem is to pool all of these similar coins together, using a stable swap invariant which pegs their value to be roughly the same, and allows for easy and low slippage trades between coins.
Our Smart-Order Router can then access these multi-asset pools on Aftermath, as well as pools on any other DEX on Sui, to ensure you always get the best deal when swapping coins.
It no longer matters which chain you came from, or which asset you want to trade for. Our Smart-Order Router will figure it out for you and ensure you get the best trade.
Our CFMM also supports uncorrelated assets, for pools such as ETH, BTC, SUI, USDC, or any other combination at whichever relative weights the user wants. Creating pools is completely permissionless, allowing the community to decide which pools they want and we should incentivize.