Infrastructure to drive Sui GameFi

Part of the calculus which led Aftermath to build on Sui was how well-suited it is for GameFi. Beyond speed, scalability, and low-cost, Sui has many native features which lend themselves well both to game builders and to onboarding new users to Web3. From Sui Move itself, to programmable and sponsored transactions, zkLogin, to Kiosks and Token standards, there are a plethora of tools in the builder’s kit to create truly enjoyable blockchain games.

We have always desired to build products which cater to this sector of the Sui ecosystem. For one thing, NFTs and GameFi are great demonstrators of Sui’s tech and of what makes Sui stand out from other blockchains. As a team that has been building on Sui for two years now, we feel Aftermath has a role to play in providing GameFi infrastructure that newcomers can quickly pick up and use. That way, teams coming over to Sui who don’t know the tech inside and out, but know games, have a variety of tools to choose from to quickly bring their vision to life.

We have also come to realize that the community around NFTs and gaming are a lot of fun to interact with. Whether it was our Sui Frens Capy staking vaults we deployed on testnet a year ago, or more recently with our Eggs, it has been enjoyable to build things which cater to a different crowd than our core DeFi products typically do. We are excited to present the NFT AMM and the many ways it can be used and to hear the ideas the community has for it that even we haven’t thought of yet.

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