Interacting with your Wallet

Aftermath features a built-in wallet display which allows you to switch between your browser extension wallets and accounts, and view your coins and activity.

Connecting your Wallet

At the very top right of the app, you will see a button which says "Connect Wallet." Click here and you can connect with whichever wallet you prefer and have installed. If you do not yet have a Sui wallet installed, simply click one the wallet of your choice to navigate to their respective installation page.

Switching between Wallets and Accounts

If you have multiple wallets installed or multiple accounts and wish to switch to a different one, you can do so through the settings menu. The settings appear as a gear icon at the top left of the wallet dropdown modal.

Once you click the gear icon, a new modal will be displayed where you can view and switch between your accounts if you have multiple, as well as switch or disconnect your wallet. Clicking Switch Wallet will bring you back to the Connect Wallet menu.

Viewing your Coin Balances and Activity

You can view your coins and all of your activity on Aftermath through the wallet modal. Once connected, opening the wallet dropdown will display your balances, and the Activity button at the bottom allows you to view your recent transactions. This information is also available on the Portfolio page.

You can view the details of any transaction on a block explorer by clicking the link associated with each transaction.

Send Coins

You can also easily send coins to another Sui address through your Aftermath wallet display. Beneath your SUI token balance, you will see a Send button. Click it to open the send coins menu. You can then select any coin you have a nonzero balance of and send it to another Sui address.

Once you have selected the coin you wish to send, you will be prompted to enter the destination address, and the amount of coins to send. Enter the detials and click next, and a confirmation will appear. Review that everything is correct and press Send, and your transfer will be completed.

Viewing your NFTs

You can view your NFTs through the Aftermath wallet dropdown by clicking the NFTs tab. Selecting an NFT will allow you to inspect its Name, Description, Creator, and Object ID. Clicking on the Object ID will open the NFT in your specified explorer, and a link to the project's website can be accessed via the View Project button.

Transferring an NFT

You may also transfer an NFT by clicking the Transfer button located at the bottom of the NFTs tab. Simply copy the Sui wallet address you wish to transfer the NFT to, and click Next to review the transaction. Once you have confirmed the NFT you wish to transfer and the destination address are correct, click Transfer to complete the transaction.

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