Viewing your Portfolio

Easily keep track of all of your assets and activity

Navigate to the Portfolio tab, and you can view all of the coins in your wallet and deployed across any product on Aftermath, all in one place. You can also view all of your activity, such as performing a swap, staking, and depositing into or withdrawing from a pool or farm.

At the top of the portfolio page, you will see a breakdown of all of your assets. Starting from left to right, first is "Net Worth." This is the total value of all of your coins, including those in your wallet, deposited into liquidity pools and farms, staked SUI and afSUI, and unclaimed rewards. Next, you can see your "Claimable" balance, which is any rewards you have earned from a Farm which you are eligible to claim but have not yet done so. "Total Assets" represents your Net Worth minus your Claimable balance. "Total Debts" represents the value of any coins you have borrowed.

Just below, you will see a series of tabs which allow you to sort by the different products to view your assets and activity for each one. We will review them all here.


Selecting the "All" tab displays three sub-tabs: Coins, NFTs, and Transactions. Selecting Coins will show you every coin in your wallet, including LP tokens. Note that LP tokens staked into a Farm will not be displayed here as they are not in your wallet, but they can be found under the "Farms" tab.

The NFTs sub-tab allows you to view all of your NFTs. Clicking on them will open a new tab which allows you to inspect the NFT in your Sui explorer of choice. If you would like to transfer an NFT, you can do so through the wallet dropdown. See Interacting with your Wallet for instructions on how to transfer NFTs.

Selecting the Transactions sub-tab will display all of your activity on Aftermath, whether it is a trade, deposit, stake, claim rewards, or anything else. You can easily keep track of all of your activity, and inspect each transaction on a block explorer by clicking the link associated with it.


Selecting the Staking tab will bring up two sub-tabs, "Staking Positions" and "Transactions." Each time you stake SUI for afSUI will result in a new Staking Position. All afSUI is fungible and all of your afSUI can be unstaked all at once, but this allows you to keep track of each time you staked.

Here you can see which validator you staked to, how much SUI was staked, and how many Epochs you have been staked for. Clicking the link on the right will open the transaction in a block explorer. The "Transactions" sub-tab shows similar information, but will also display unstaking actions.


The Pools tab contains two sub-tabs: "LP Coins" and "Transactions". Selecting LP Coins will display all Liquidity Provider coins currently in your wallet. You recieve LP coins when you deposit liquidity into the AMM. You will also find a button which will take you directly to the Pool to which each of your LP tokens belongs. Note that if you then stake your LP coin into a Farm, it will not be displayed here. Instead, you will find it under the Farms tab. This is because if you deposit an LP coin into a Farm, it becomes locked in the Farm and is no longer a coin in your wallet.

The Transactions sub-tab will show all deposits into and withdrawals out of a Pool that you have performed:


The Farms tab contains the sub-tabs "Farming Positions" and "Transactions." Farming Positions displays all LP coins which you have deposited into a Farm, as well as at-a-glance information about their lock status, rewards earned, and current APR. There is also a button which will take you directly to the respective Farm:

The Transactions sub-tab displays all actions you have performed for all of your Farming Positions, including actions such as staking, unstaking, locking, and harvesting rewards:


The Router tab will display all swaps you have performed using Aftermath's Smart-Order Router. It displays the notional value of the trade, the type and amount of the coins sent and received, and a link to inspect the transaction on a block explorer.

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