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Referrals allow our users to invite others to join the Aftermath community by trading, staking, or providing liquidity on our dApp. Referrals consist of two parties: the referrer and the referee. The referrer is the current Aftermath user, who generates a referral link and shares it with their friends. The referee is the party who follows the referral link to Aftermath and begins using the dApp.

Your unique referral link can be found within the Share and Earn Rewards banner located at the bottom of the Trade and Stake pages. Click the Copy Referral Link button to copy your unique referral link to your clipboard. You can then share it via your socials.

When a referee clicks on your link, your referral will be contained in the URL. Once the referee executes any transaction on Aftermath, your referral will be stored on-chain and all transactions performed by that user will be credited to you.

A referee only needs to execute one transaction with a referral link for the referrer to be associated with their account. All future transactions will be associated as if it was executed through a referral link regardless if it was or not (e.g. a user uses another device with the same address using a non-referral link).

Since the referral is stored on-chain, the referral will remain in effect permanently unless the referee executes a transaction using a new referral link. If a new referral is used, the new referral will supersede the old one.

Referrals are tied to the referrer’s Sui address, and are valid across all products on Aftermath. For instance, a referral link generated from the Trade page is equivalent to one generated from the Stake page for referral purposes.

Currently, referees receive a 5% discount on Aftermath Protocol Fees. Referrer activity is tracked, though there is no rebate in effect at this time.

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