Bridging into the Sui ecosystem using Wormhole is simple and supports a wide variety of other blockchains. To begin, navigate to the Bridge page by clicking on the button in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Click the "Bridge Using Wormhole" button to launch the Portal Bridge dApp. Choose Sui as your destination chain, and select which chain you will be bridging from. Next, you will need to connect your Sui wallet as well as the wallet you use on the chain you are bridging from (i.e. Metamask).

Once you have entered the coin type and amount you wish to bridge and have reviewed the estimated fees, click "Approve and proceed with transaction." You will then be prompted to approve the transactions in your wallet. Once approved, you can monitor the progress of the bridging transfer.

Once Step 1 is complete, a "Claim" button will appear. Click here and you will be prompted to accept the transaction in your Sui wallet. Approve the transaction and your tokens will soon arrive in your Sui wallet.

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