To unstake from a farm, navigate to that farm and you will be able to view your position and the actions you can perform. If you have multiple farming positions, you can view them all through your Porfolio. See the Viewing your Portfolio: Farms section of the documents for more information.

Once you have navigated to the page of the Afterburner Vault you are staked into, you will see an Unstake button in your farming position display.

Unstake allows you to remove you liquidity from the Afterburner Vault, at which point you can also withdraw liquidity from the underlying Pool. This option becomes available once the duration of time for which you have locked your LP tokens for elapses, which is shown under the Status heading.

Unstaking will simultaneously claim all pending rewards that have not yet been claimed to ensure that your position is fully realized and your LP tokens and all rewards are transferred to your wallet.

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