AMM Pools

The second core component of our GameFi infrastructure is the NFT AMM itself. A modification of our existing Pools architecture, it inherits many of its unique features which provide even more freedom for builders. Key attributes of the NFT AMM pools include:

Pools of up to 8 assets

Unlike most AMM pools which can only trade pairs, our AMM supports up to 8 assets in a single pool. This is particularly interesting for gaming, as pooling multiple assets together will directly affect their relative values, creating interesting supply and demand effects within the game.

Arbitrary weights

Each asset with the pool can have any weight so long as they all add up to 100. A pool with two assets at equal weights, or up to 8 all at different weights, is possible.

LP Tokens

NFT AMM pools may emit an LP token if desired. These LP tokens can be freely traded, staked into a farm, or used in whatever way the pool creator wishes to allow them to be used.

Price discovery

The NFT AMM provides an alternative method of price discovery for NFTs beyond the typical marketplace model. Like any standard AMM for coins, these pools can be used to swap from one asset to another, and also allow anyone to speculate on a collection and earn fees from trading activity by providing liquidity.

Permissionless creation

Anyone can create an NFT AMM pool for any collection they wish.

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