Who can I stake with?

Staking through Aftermath is completely permissionless. You are able to stake with any of the active validators of the SUI network and provide that validator with more voting power. Aftermath made this design decision with decentralization in mind, so as not to favor any particular validator over another, but rather let our users decide for themselves.

How do I choose a validator?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a validator. Most importantly, each validator is able to set their own commission rate and proposed gas price. Commission Rate is the percent of the total rewards earned the validator keeps as payment for their services; a lower commission means more for delegators. The Proposed Next Epoch Gas Price determines the cost of transactions on the SUI network, which validators together vote on for each Epoch. Finally, you want to ensure the validator is active and has a strong history of performance, as the cumulative rewards earned by afSUI is a function of all SUI staked through Aftermath across all validators.

How do I get my staking rewards?

afSUI is value accruing; the price of afSUI increases relative to SUI as the underlying staking rewards compound automatically each epoch.

When you unstake your afSUI, you will receive the amount of SUI you initially staked plus any rewards earned for the duration you were staked.

When will I receive my afSUI?

You will receive your afSUI as soon as you delegate your SUI tokens.

When can I unstake?

You are able to unstake your afSUI two different ways: instantly or delayed. Instant unstake allows you to unstake your afSUI for SUI instantly, without suffering an unbonding period, however you will be charged a variable fee of 0.1% - 5% of depending on the amount of afSUI you unstake relative to the amount of SUI available in the instant unstake reserves. Delayed unstake means that your afSUI will be unstaked for SUI after the unbonding period elapses; currently the unbonding period is one epoch (24 hours). The remaining time in the current epoch is displayed in the unstake modal. Any changes to the underlying SUI staking mechanism which affect afSUI redemption will be communicated immediately.

Where can I use afSUI?

Aftermath designed afSUI to be as fungible and composable as the SUI token itself, while simultaneously earning staking rewards.

This means afSUI can be swapped for other tokens, deposited into liquidity pools, used as collateral, and bridged to other blockchains.

afSUI has been integrated across several of Aftermath's partner protocols on Sui. You can find a list of these ways to use afSUI at the bottom of the stake page, under the heading "Where can I use afSUI?"

When will I receive my afSUI?

You will receive afSUI in your wallet instantly when you liquid stake on Aftermath.

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