Delayed Unstake Protocol Fee

A fee of 5% of staking rewards earned is charged during the regular unstaking process. The fee is applied to the total staking rewards your position has earned and can be calculated as follows:

Fee = amount_staked * staking_APY * duration_staked * 5%


If you stake 100 SUI for 3 months and the staking APY was 3.5%, your total staking rewards earned would be:

staking_rewards = 100 (SUI) * 0.035 (APY) * 0.25 (Years) = 0.875 SUI

Your fee would be 5% of this amount (staking_rewards * 0.05):

Fee = 0.875 (SUI) * 0.05 = 0.043 SUI

The fee can also be expressed as a percent of the total amount of SUI being unstaked:

Fee/(amount_staked + staking_rewards) * 100

Percent_of_total_unstaked = 0.043 / (100 + 0.875) * 100 = 0.043%

Atomic Unstake Protocol Fee

This fee only applies if you choose Unstake Instantly. The Atomic protocol fee is applied to the total amount of SUI being unstaked. The fee value depends on the liquidity available in the SUI reserves which protocol allocates for atomic unstaking and is calculated as follows:

max_fee - (max_fee - min_fee) * reserves_value / reserves_target_value

where reserves_value is the amount of SUI allocated in the protocol for atomic unstaking after current unstake, other parameters are constants:

max_fee = 1%

min_fee = 0.1%

reserves_target_value = 10000 SUI

Validators Fee (optional)

Each validator may set up their own fee which is applied to each stake. Once afSUI is minted, a specified part of this amount is transferred to the validator on which the stake was made. By default this fee is equal to zero. Each validator may change this value in the following range: [0, 0.1%]

If a validator has set a fee, it will appear in the validator select drop down menu on the staking page:

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