To stake SUI tokens and mint afSUI, first navigate to our stake page. You will need SUI tokens in your wallet. If your SUI tokens are already natively staked through a wallet, there is no need to unstake them first. You can simply migrate them over, the process for which is detailed below.

At the top of the page, you will see metrics including TVL, APY, and Epoch Progress. TVL is the total amount of SUI tokens currently liquid staked for afSUI. APY is the annual percentage yield which afSUI provides. Epoch Progress is the amount of time remaining until the Sui network advances to its next Epoch. This is relevant as staking and unstaking actions are performed at Epoch advancement. afSUI is minted to the users' wallet instantly upon staking, and there are multiple methods to redeem afSUI for SUI either instantly or upon Epoch advancement.

Below the metrics and the Stake and Unstake buttons, you will see the Validator selection drop down menu. Here you can browse all validators in the active set, and choose the one you would like to delegate your SUI tokens to. You may only choose one per staking action, however you can split the total amount of SUI tokens you wish to stake across multiple validators by performing multiple staking actions. For more information on choosing a validator, see our FAQ section here or on the staking page below the Stake button.

In the validator selection dropdown, you will see metrics including Staking APY and Stake Fee. Staking APY is the estimated annual percentage yield of that particular validator which is calculated based upon their past performance. Note that all afSUI earns the same APY as all afSUI is fungible, but users individually choosing more performant validators will increase the APY of afSUI as a whole. The Stake Fee is an optional fee which can be set by the validators if they so choose, but defauts to zero. If a validator Stake Fee is enacted, it is charged at the time of staking from the principle amount of SUI tokens staked. For example, if a validator set a fee of 1% and a user stakes 1 SUI, the validator would receive 0.01 SUI upon staking and 0.99 SUI would be staked.

Once you have selected a validator, enter an amount of SUI tokens you wish to stake for afSUI and click Stake. The afSUI will be minted to your wallet immediately. Your new liquid staking position, and any positions you have previously opened, will be displayed under the Liquid Stakes tab below the Stake modal.

If you have SUI tokens which are already staked, navigate to the bottom of the page and click the Native Stakes tab.

Here you will see any active staking positions you currently have open. By clicking Restake for afSUI, you can instantly migrate your native staking position to a liquid staking position and recieve afSUI instantly.

And that’s it! Mint afSUI today to begin automatically earning staking rewards while also using afSUI across its many DeFi integrations!

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