Redeeming afSUI for SUI is simple, however there are multiple ways this can be achieved depending upon the needs and preferences of the user. First, navigate to the Unstake tab to view your options.

Here you will see two unstaking options: Unstake Instantly, and Unstake in X hours, with X being the remaining time until the end of the current Epoch of the Sui network.

Staking and unstaking actions on Sui occur each time an Epoch advances, which is once every 24 hours. This means that performing a standard unstaking procedure will require the user to wait until the epoch advances to recieve their SUI tokens in their wallet. For some users, they may not want to wait this long.

To provide more flexibility, Aftermath maintains a reserve of SUI tokens which can be drawn from to perform an instant unstake, for which a small fee is charged. The fee depends upon the amount of afSUI the user wishes to redeem, and the amount of SUI tokens left in the reserve. Each Epoch, the reserve is replenished.

The fees for each type of unstaking are displayed, allowing the user to decide if they would like to wait until the Epoch advances, or would prefer to recieve their SUI tokens instantly. Once you have decided upon which unstaking method you would like to use, enter the amount of afSUI you would like to redeem and click Unstake.

There is a third way to redeem afSUI for SUI, which is to perform a swap using our Smart-Order Router. Aftermath and several other decentralized exchanges maintain afSUI-SUI liquidity pools to enable these trades. Depending upon the inventory of the pools and of the Aftermath instant unstake reserves, it may be preferable to to utilize this method. Navigate to our Trade page and select afSUI as the asset to be swapped and SUI as the asset to receive to see the current exchange rate.

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