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Creating a pool

Creating a Pool

To create a pool, navigate to the Pools tab.
To the top right, you will see a Create Pool button. Click on this, and it will bring you to the page where you can open a new pool on Aftermath.
You will see several fields in which to enter text. We will review them all here:
Pool Name: This is the name that will appear on the Pools page to users of the Aftermath app.
Trade Fee: Here you can set the fees charged to traders which go to liquidity providers.
LP Coin Name: This is the name of the LP token as it will display in wallets and on apps.
LP Coin Symbol: This is the name of the LP token as it will be stored on-chain.

Curve Type

The next option you will see is the Curve Type, for which there are two options: Uncollated or Stable.
Uncorellated is for pools which contain assets of volatile relative value, such as a pool with ETH, BTC, SUI, and USDC.
Stable is only for pools which contain similar assets. Such as only stable coins, only various types of ETH bridged from different blockchains, or only different versions of BTC. Not pools which contain one of each.
Note that correlated pools must have equal weights of each asset. Uncorrelated pools may have whichever relative weights the creator of the pool chooses.