If you have an LP position you wish to withdraw, simply navigate to the pool and select the Withdraw button. It is also possible to quickly view all pools you have provided liquidity to from your Portfolio. Please note that if you have staked your LP tokens into a farm, they will not appear under the Pools tab of the Portfolio, as those coins are not currently in your wallet. Instead, you can view all of your farming positions under the Farms tab of the Portfolio. If you wish to withdraw liquidity that is currently staked in a Farm, first unstake it from the Farm, then follow the instructions here for withdrawing from the Pool.

Once you have naviagated to the Pool you wish to withdraw from, click the Withdraw button at the top right of the page. You will see a modal appear which looks like this:

The total amount of LP tokens you own is displayed above the first field at the top of the page. You may type in the amount of LP tokens you wish to remove from the pool, or use the slider or choose the Half or Max buttons.

Your withdrawal will be distributed in equal weights according to the value of each coin relative to the amount of LP tokens you are withdrawing from the pool. This is a security feature that ensures that even in times of high volatility, Aftermath pools will remain safe for liquidity providers.

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