Aggregator Fees are split into two categories: Protocol Fee and Integrator Fee.

A Protocol fee of 0.005% is taken on all trades performed through the Smart-Order Router. For example, if you trade 1,000 USDC, the Protocol fee would be 0.05 USDC. This fee is enforced on-chain.

The Integrator Fee allows dApps which utilize the Aftermath Smart-Order Router to specify their own fee if they wish. Users should refer to their respective documentation to determine if an Integrator Fee has been applied. This fee is enforced off-chain.

Trades peformed on Aftermath.finance charge an Integrator Fee of 0.01%. For example, a trade of 1,000 USDC would incur an Integrator Fee of 0.1 USDC.

The total fee for performing a swap on Aftermath.finance is 0.015%.

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