Making a trade

To perform a swap, first navigate to the Trade tab. Use the dropdown menu in the trade modal to select the coin you wish to swap from. Here you can click on an icon for a commonly-traded coin, type in the name of the coin in the Search field, or select it from the dropdown menus. These menus are separated into three categories: Known Coins, LP Coins, and Unrecognized Coins.

Known Coins are those which are confirmed to be authentic and can be traded with confidence. Unknown Coins is where you find Meme coins, coins which have been bridged to Sui, and others which have not yet been confirmed as Known Coins. These may be safe to trade, but due diligence should be used prior to performing a swap. Beneath the name of the coin, you will see an address which is a link which allows you to inspect the coin on a block explorer to ensure it is the one you are looking for. LP Coins are also supported, as it is possible to create liquidity pools using LP Coins from other pools. Any such pool with sufficient liquidity will be aggregated by the SOR.

Once you have selected the coins you wish to swap, at the top right of the trade modal you will see the total amount of the input coin you have in your wallet. You can enter the amount you wish to swap by typing it in, using the slider, or clicking on the Half or Max buttons. The Router will then quickly calculate the path(s) which provide the greatest amount of output coin for your input.

Below the Trade button, you will find an icon which opens up the Trade settings. Here you can customize the display, and set your slippage tolerance. Slippage refers to the difference between the numbers shown for amount of coin received, and the actual amount received after execution. The trade will revert if the splippage tolerance is exceeded.

Once you have reviewed the transaction and set your maximum allowed slippage, click the Trade button and confirm the transaction with your wallet. Only one confirmation is required regardless of how complex the path is.

And that's it! Aftermath's Smart-Order Router makes swapping incredibly simple while ensuring you receive the best price for all of your spot trades on Sui.

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